PMP Prep Courses With Class Guarantee

After attending one of the full (multiple day) PMP Prep Classes, if you take the PMP certification exam within the following thirty days, and do not pass, we will:

  • Pay the fees to retake the test
  • Allow you to attend a second class (or portion of class) at no additional charge
  • Prepare a personalized study plan for your second attempt

If you attempt the exam a second time within another thirty days, and do not pass, we will refund the cost of the class, or we will pay for a third attempt if you so choose.


Students are responsible for their PMP applications, and seeing the applications are accepted by PMI. We can provide assistance to students with the applications, and answer questions when needed. (The online application for taking the test can be found at:

  • Students are responsible for paying for the exam, and getting the exam scheduled within thirty days of the end of the class.
  • Students must attend all sessions of the class, and complete all homework assignments
  • Students must take at least one 200 question practice exam before taking the PMP exam.
  • If your score on the practice exam is less than 75%, then contact us, and we will prepare a custom study plan to help you reach this goal.