Competitive Analysis – Why Choose Best Practices Training, LLC


  • Pricing! – Yes, our price ($1,495.00) is much lower than most any other program you’ll find that also provides a four-day intensive classroom structure, and which also provides a full guarantee for the training! Nonetheless, this is a premium, very high quality program.
    • ­We can offer the much lower pricing because our overhead costs are much lower. Our “public” PMP classes are only offered in the Washington, DC area, and therefore, we do not have any instructor hotel and travel costs. We are using very nice, modern office space – (the Intelligent Office) – but our costs for the training room are also lower than the costs of meeting rooms in most hotels. We can pass these savings on to you.
    • ­Most comparable programs are priced over $2,200 per student; and some are priced over $3,000 per student! Companies justify the high price by reminding prospective students that the ROI after obtaining the PMP more than offsets the $3,000 cost of the class! (A student who obtains the PMP will likely be able to find a new job, or get a raise, that far outweighs the cost of the class.) Nonetheless, we think that such pricing is much too high, especially given that most of the classes are filled with 15 or more students, and there is very little personal time, or time for questions and answers during class at all! 


  •  Small Class Sizes – Counseling – More Time For Individual Help – The maximum class size is eight students. Average class size is five students. Therefore, we can provide much more attention and time to your questions and needs. Our instructors will arrive at least 45 minutes early every morning, and will also stay after class too, if needed.) Additionally, even after the class is complete, students know the instructor will be available via email, or the phone to continue to provide support and answer questions. This extra assistance even starts before class begins. We will answer questions you might have about the application process, or provide suggestions on pre-class preparations. We have also posted good help on our website in the blog section on these topics. (For example, see –  - This commitment is from the the owner and lead instructor – Mark Tolbert.   


  • Facilities -  The Intelligent Office facilities are much nicer than most hotel facilities! (The office space is very quiet, no problems controlling the temperature in the room, and there is a nice kitchen area with a microwave, personal coffee maker (free), and refrigerator.   


  • Final Comment – There are hundreds of companies providing PMP Prep training in the Washington, DC area. I believe the combination of qualities described above makes us very unique. Every company will say they have the highest customer satisfaction goals and success rates. If you try out our program, you’ll find out that we really mean it!