Draft of Version Five of PMBOK® Guide – to be posted on pmi.org on Feb. 17

Reportedly, the initial draft of version five of the PMBOK® Guide will be posted on the PMI website on February 17th. For most of 2012, Project managers and PMPs will have the opportunity to review the draft, and send PMI requested changes. Version Five is scheduled to be officially released at the end of the year on December 31st. If PMI follows the a the same schedule they did in 2009 when version four of the PMBOK® Guide was released, it will probably be another six months the PMP exam is changed to be based on version five.

What things would you like to see changed, added or deleted?

Here are a few thougths I have about areas to address:

    • The RDS says “Project Selection is no longer in scope for the PMP.” To the contrary, there still are project selection questions on the exam.
    • The RDS doesn’t mention configuration management, only change management
    • The RDS doesn’t mention a Scope Statement – or “Define Scope” – just Requirements gathering
    • For more comments, see Mapping the RDS to the PMBOK Guide
  • Incorporate & address Agile Methodologies in more substantive way. (See other articles on Agile vs. PMBOK® Guide posted on this blog.)
  • Project Management Plan – There should be a subsidiary plan for Closing. (Like we have a Change Management Plan & Configuration Management Plan, we need a Closing Subsidiary Plan.)
  • Distinguish more clearly between Change Management and Configuration Management, and define better how they overlap and work together. Is PMI still standing behind view of version three that Configuration management is more inclusive: (includes within it Change Management?)
  • Clarify better the distinction and purpose of Contingency Reserves and Management Reserves. PMI made substantial improvements in version four on this topic, but there is still some vagueness and ambiguity:
    • If Contingency Reserves are often part of the Cost Performance Baseline, and this is often equated in Earned Value with the Performance Measurement Baseline, then Contingency Reserves are a part of Earned Value Measurement. (We do plan to spend some, if not most, of the Contingency Reserves. We do expect a number of the risks in risk register to occur.)
    • On the other hand, some people hold (e.g. – the PMI Earned Value Standard?) that reserves are never part of EVM. This is controversial, and the current version of the PMBOK® Guide implies contingency reserves are part of Earned Value.
  • Make the PMBOK® Guide and the RDS (Role Delineation Study – aka “PMP Examination Content Outline” – consistent! The PMP Exam is supposed to be based off the RDS, but this doesn’t seem to really true, and there are a few places where the two documents go different directions. For example,

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