Why Obtain the PMP Certification?

There are many good reasons for obtaining the PMP certification. Among these are:

  • It is, by far, the most important certification for Project Management today. As of Fall of 2014, there are now more than 600,000 PMPs worldwide.
  • The Federal government has standardized on the PMP, and requires this certification for most of their project managers and program managers.
  • Also, the Federal government requires the PMP certification for most contract project managers – (working on Federal contracts).
  • Therefore, for a consulting firm, having PMP certified project managers may help the company win business. Their certified project managers are valuable resources.
  • Students studying to pass the PMP are exposed to mainstream concepts, standards and processes that apply to all projects. Most students studying to pass the PMP have their eyes opened to whole new areas, and come away with a much deeper appreciation of core processes and techniques that are required for successful project management.
  • Recent salary surveys indicate project managers with the PMP certification are paid 10% more than non-PMPs.
  • In today’s economy, having the PMP certification is often a necessary requirement to get to the first level of interviews for project management positions. This is especially true in the Washington, DC area.

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