Introduction to the PMP Exam – Free YouTube Videos

We have recorded over 40 minutes of YouTube videos providing indepth background information on the PMP exam. These videos are excerpts from our four-day PMP Prep bootcamp, and correct a number of common misconceptions: (for example, - the test is not purely based on the PMBOK Guide!), and also provide other key pieces of information that will be very useful for the student who is serious about obtaining the PMP certification. We explain and cover:

1) How and why the PMP exam is much different than most tests you’ve taken in the past.

2) What makes it a very difficult test: one of the most difficult tests you probably will ever attempt!

3) The application process,  and the sequence of events from submitting your application to getting the test scheduled. (We also discuss the audit process.)

4) An overview of the Prometric testing centers.

5) The percentage breakdown of questions on the exam.

The first video is located at:

Part 2 - 

Part 3 –

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