Mark is an amazing instructor who provides his students with the tools and techniques needed to pass the gruesome PMP exam. The PMP exam materials can be very abstract and boring at times. However, Mark provides detailed descriptions to his students so that they may transform this abstract material and comprehend them to pass this exam with ease.

All in all, if anyone out there is planning to take the PMP exam, contact Mark and he will make sure you have the tools to pass the exam!!

Mohith Narayanan, PMP

Mark is one of the best instructors I’ve ever studied under. His knowledge of the PMI processes is impressive – he rarely even needs to look at the process slides he is discussing. In addition, he brings years of PM on-the-job experience to the classroom, which is always helpful. His pedagogical skills are evident in the way he quizzes the students on the material – he understands that “once-through” does not equate to “fully understood.” I cannot even think of any other person or organization that I would send my co-workers to for PMI certification.

Mark Freemantle, PMP

Thanks again for offering such a good PMP training class. I found the presentation and materials that you prepared to be extremely useful. I believe I could find almost every single PMP exam answer from these materials!

Yanan Ye, PMP

Prior to learning about this program, I took a six month long course to prepare me for the PMP. It was a long enduring process full of assignments, lectures and course work. I walked away from it retaining little to any foundation about Project Management that I did not already have. It covered too vast of an area to pass my PMP the first time around…

This program, in contrast, was very efficient, but still provided great detail which prepared me for the PMP. The relevance of the subject matter was the most important thing I took away from my failed exam: relevant subject matter in an easy to learn format! The instructor also helped me prepare mentally for everything surrounding the actual test taking event. I was ready and I knew I passed as soon as I submitted my exam. This was by far the best value dollar for dollar. I know people that have spent twice as much as me and didn’t do half as well on the exam. Results on budget and on time. I did the course work Monday through Thursday and tested on Friday. Thank you!

Travis Burgdolf, PMP, MBA

The instructor knew the material inside out. He also had a great technique to drill the material into our brain :-) . He was very patient with all of our questions and paid personal attention to all of us and made sure we were absorbing all the information discussed in class.

With out this program, I could have not passed the exam by studying just for 4 days . I would recommend the Best Practices Training program to all of my colleagues and friends who are interested in getting the PMP certification.

Madhuri Kollu, PMP

Any student can feel confident that Best Practices Training program will focus on the most important preparation areas for the PMP exam and allow you to pass the exam in a week. From my experience, unlike other courses, The technique provided does not focus on extensive memorization, but instead focuses on a thoughtful review of what is important resulting in a most lasting understanding of the PMP program.

Jeremy Paulin, PMP